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Continuation from last week – text taken from “Gems of Srimad Bhagavadgita” by Dr. Nath.


Sloka 38

sukha dukhe same’ kritva labha labhou jaya jayou
tatho yuddhaya yujyasva naivam papam avapsyasi

Having an equal mind in happiness-sorrow; gain-loss; victory-defeat; engage in battle and thereby you will not incur sin.


(If you want to read again the original comment on this sloka alone: it was in week 40 in 2006.)

Whether we like it or not, wish it or not, we are in this world and to be part of it must discharge our duties. It is our “Karma”.

This sloka gives us the secret of Karma Yoga.

The Lord has given us three types of reaction to the end result of our actions. It could be as an individual, part of a family or member of the society.

On the physical plane we say “Victory or Defeat.”

On the mental plane we say “Gain or Loss.”

On the intellectual plane we say “Pains and Pleasures.”

It is not the work that binds us to this world but it is the results that bind us. Krishna brings out this significant advice several times in the Gita.

We have to analyse the possible results of any actions we undertake. We are hurt and in distress if the results are contrary to our expectations. We feel satisfied/happy if the results go according to our expectations. We must avoid certain actions or modify them so that we do not have to experience the pain. After analysing this way we should conduct the work. But once we start the work, we should not waste any time in thinking about the outcome. The results will come automatically depending upon the actions.

Later on we will find that results of some actions conducted in the past (including past births) may influence the outcome of the present action.

Developing a balance of mind, concentrating on the work to be done will bring us “Peace.” The state of “Peace” experienced will be far superior to any of the other feelings the individual may experience. The work has to become “worship” and God gives us the “Peace.”

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