The 8th International Gita Conference| Bangalore| 2010

Newsletter on Bhagavadgita by Dr. P.V. Nath

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*** 8th Global Gita Conference, 28.11.2010 ***

Letter from Dr. Nath.

Invitation to the 8th Global Gita Conference, 28.11.2010
Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Ashrama, Girinagar, Bangalore

Dear friends,

On behalf of the trustees of the International Gita Foundation Trust (r) and the
Datta Peetham, we would like to invite you all to attend the next eighth global
gita conference.

We are lucky to have received the blessings of Poojya Swamiji who has kindly
given us the permission to have the programme at his ashram at Girinagar,
Bangalore. He would personally come and bless the delegates and light the lamp.

Poojya Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji will give the discourse. Those who
have heard him know by now how articulate he is and how he can speak in so many
languages and makes the topic so simple and pleasing to hear.

Of course we have other speakers too.
Sri Chidananda Saraswathi Swamiji of Paramarth Niketan, Rishikesh is a great
saint, guru and a scholar who will enthral the audience wherever he goes.

The emphasis for this year’s conference is shifted to the youngsters. We have
dedicated the afternoon session for the children only. We call it as "Gita bala
ghosti" We have managed to get few talented youngsters who will talk about "what
gita means to me with reference to the sloka they have selected."

The full program can be found at:

There is no delegate fee for the conference.

It would be useful if you can register your wish to attend by sending me a mail

Many thanks
Wishing you all the best for Dasara" and Deepavali.

Dr Nath and Mrs. Dr Nath

P.S.: short addition by Dasha

I had the pleasure of hearing one of the youngsters at a previous conference –
it was amazingly inspiring.

Dasara is another word for Navaratri festival, this year October 8 till 18.
Deepavali is on November 5th.

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