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Welcome to take a short breath.

With the next sloka (no. 11 in chapter 2) in the next newsletter the real teaching of Sri Krishna is about to begin. So this might be a good opportunity to review what we´ve read so far. To facilitate this, I´ve compiled the previous texts and offer them for download at:     (approx. 200 KB)     (approx. 100 KB)     (approx. 150 KB)     (approx. 50 KB)     (approx. 450 KB)

In the document “Intro_1” you´ll find all the commentaries which were not allotted to single slokas, e.g. introductions and overviews.

In “Sanscrit_1.pdf” you´ll find a version of the slokas in chapter 1 given in the diacritical transliteration of the Sanscrit texts, which I´d like to thank Phalguna Oliver Becker for doing it. We still work on integrating this version directly with the commentaries in the future.

In “” you get all the single PDF-documents pooled in one single ZIP-file.

The information in brackets shows roughly the size of the files, so should you have a slow connection to the Internet you may estimate how long the download will take.

The single weekly newsletters will also continue to be offered in parallel for download from the address quoted in the header of the newsletter (e.g. containing the year and the week of publication); the size of the file usually is around 70 KB.


Then Dhyani Daniel Metscher of the German Datta Yoga Center Bookshop has attended to how to organize an

+!+!+   omnibus order of the books “Tat Tvam Asi”   +!+!+

(2 volumes with more than 800 pages) by Dr. Nath. As I assume most of you will have easier access to the books than through a bookshop in Germany I just give the mail address here for those who might still be interested in taking this opportunity: – firm order necessary till April 16th, 2006 (Easter)

I wish you continued delight and insight from the newsletter by Dr. Nath, who may once again receive our deepest gratitude for this work.

Sri Guru Dattatreyaya Namaha
Sri Ganeshaya Namaha.

Dasha (Andreas Walter Schöning).

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