Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 5, sloka 16, part 2

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Sloka 16


But to those whose ignorance is destroyed by the knowledge of the Atman, shining
like the sun, reveals the supreme to them.


*** continued from last week ***

The second half of this sloka gives the beautiful example of the sun and the

The sun is ever shining in the sky during the day time. Many a times, he is not
seen because of the dark clouds in the sky blocking him. Even a small cloud can
block the view of the sun. It does not mean the sun is not there but it only
means that the cloud blocks the sun and benefit of sun is not obtained because
of the cloud.

As soon as the cloud moves away, the sun shines forth in his brilliance. It was
not that the sun was not there. But, he was hidden by the dark clouds.

The sun did not have to move away but the clouds had to disperse.

The sun is to be looked upon as the example of the “Atman”,
The clouds as the “Ignorance.”
The sun, self luminous will shine forth and the,
Atman, self luminous shines forth.

Let us look at the idol of the Lord in a temple in the inner sanctorum. The
tradition is that the inner sanctorum is a dark room with the statue of the Lord
within. Lamps are placed on either side of the idol. As soon as the lamps are
lit, the idol shines forth.

This is not the perfect example.

The best example is that of an article made up of radium. Radium as we know is
“self-luminous.” In a dark room if this article is placed with some item of
cloth covering it, the article is not seen. The owner will keep on searching for
this article.

As soon as he removes the cloth over the article, even in the dark room, the
article shines forth because of its self-luminous property.

“The Atman” within is self-luminous. It is covered by ignorance known as “Ego”.
When we remove the mask of ego, the Atman shine forth in its full brilliance.

“Be still and know that I am God” says the Bible.
The important word is “be still”. It means “do not move.”
It is not physical movement it refers to.
It is the feeling of “I move” with the “I-ness” predominant in it.
The body, mind and the senses have to do their worldly duties without the sense
of ego.
This is the perfect state of “Total, Intense meditation.”
In this state, we can see the God within and all round.

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