Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 5, sloka 16, part 1

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Sloka 16


But to those whose ignorance is destroyed by the knowledge of the Atman, shining
like the sun, reveals the supreme to them.


The journey of life is mixed with happiness and sorrow. It is common for all.
But what brings happiness or sorrow differs markedly from individual to

We give more importance to happiness and in that we almost forget the Lord who
blessed us with the experience of happiness. Whereas when we are in sorrow, we
start asking questions like "why"? "Why did I have to suffer"? "Why was God so
cruel to me"? And similar questions crop up in our minds.

In the last sloka we understood that "Knowledge is covered by ignorance."
In this sloka we are given the means to clear the ignorance.
"Ignorance has to be cleared by the knowledge of the Atman" is the simplest
answer from the Lord for all mankind irrespective of wealth, caste, sex, creed,
religion etc.

Where is this "Atman"?

Some of my friends from the state of Kerala tell me of a beautiful tradition
they follow in their region which brings out the awareness that "The Atman is
within all of us."

On the day of their "New Year", the tradition is:
The members of household or friends ask the question:
"Do you want to see God"?
When the answer is affirmative, the individual is asked to close his eyes and is
led into a room. Inside the room he is asked to open the eyes. He is made to sit
on a chair facing a mirror.

As soon as he opens his eyes, he will see his own reflection.
This symbolises the fact the Lord is within you and opening your eye of
knowledge you can see the Atman within.

*** will be continued ***

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