Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 4, Sloka 8, part 2

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Sloka 8


For the protection of the righteous, for the destruction of wicked, and for the establishment of Dharma, I am born in every age.


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We have already learnt that desire is the seed of action. Even the Lord falls into this category of people when it comes to action. His promise is action against the evil. It means that He also has desires.

We have to stress the fact here that His desire is only for the protection of the life He has created. For having created the life on earth, He has taken a promise to protect what He has created. It is His “Sankalpa” which is the vow taken by Him before He created the life on earth.

His desire is “Satvic”, nay, “Suddha Satvic.” It is a highly pure desire on His part. Rest of us, in this world, conduct actions which are admixture of the three basic gunas of “Satva, Rajas and Tamas.” In general Rajas and Tamas predominate during periods of adharma and the Lord in some form or other brings out Satva to predominate over Rajas and Tamas. A balance of power among the three gunas is necessary to protect the social fabric.

Purgation is the law of nature. Cleansing process is a constant cycle on earth. The farmer who sows the seeds, to assist in their growth, has to constantly remove the weeds that hamper the growth of the crops.

The Lord, as a prelude for creation, sowed the seeds of dharma before He created the life. As a good farmer, he has to see that He weeds out “Adharma” which hampers the growth of dharma. This Sloka is reiterating this task of weeding out adharma undertaken by the Lord.

He says that He incarnates to protect the sadhus. Even though sadhu is generally applied to an ascetic, really it means “righteous person.” It is not applicable only to the ascetics. There has to be righteousness and good amongst the four varnas.

The Brahmin has to be righteous in protecting the Vedas and scriptures.
The Kshatriya has to be righteous in protecting the masses.
The Vaishya has to be righteous in his business transaction and assist the common man to live comfortably. He is not expected to hoard anything for personal gain and bring hardship to masses.
The Sudra has also to be righteous in conducting his social duties belonging to his profession.

Real sadhu is he, who conducts actions selflessly.

To protect such sadhus, the Lord promises to come down “yuga yuge”: in every age. It is not just one incarnation in one Yuga. He is ready to appear any time there is predominance of evil. The divinity in certain special people will show forth its presence in certain regions and uphold dharma. In extreme cases, the lord incarnates Himself to uproot evil.

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