Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 4, Sloka 7 – Part 1

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Sloka 7


O Bharata, whenever there is decline of righteousness and rise of evil, I manifest Myself.


Two words are of great importance in this sloka. They are:
Srujami’ (manifest).

We have discussed about dharma several times already. We need to look into the word “dharma” once again and that too in its relevance to the present sloka.

Dharma is “Righteousness in action.“ It is the basic principle of man’s existence. It is needed for our existence, peace and happiness.

The Supreme Parabrahman, when He created Brahma, the four-headed Lord for the purpose of creation of life on earth, gave Him the Vedas. The Vedas are the sacred texts for the mankind that teach the humans the art of upholding the dharma.

As individuals, each one of us has to follow the law of dharma of the Atman within and the dharma of the body. This is to keep the body, which is the temple with the Lord within in good shape during its life on earth. This is for individual’s existence, peace and happiness. If we break this law, as individuals, we have no right of existence and will not experience peace and prosperity.

But we are not just individuals. We are individuals that form part of the society. The society is not just humans but includes other forms of life and nature in its various manifestations.

As members of the society, we are again divided into various nationalities. There is need for existence of each nation and peace and prosperity within each nation. Towards this there is a need for its citizens to follow the law of the land. Of course, there are defects in the structure of the law in any country and every so often there comes changes in the constitution supposed to be for the better of its individuals and the nation itself. This system is also prone to misuse. Selfishness as we know is one of the root causes of ruin of any society. The Divine Law is needed to supplement the law of the land to bring stability to any country and assist in its progress. This has to be followed by all its citizens for experiencing the maximum benefit in terms of peace and prosperity.

Every so often things happen that bring problems between nations and instability to the global life as a whole. At this time, the Divine Law is most important to avoid catastrophes.

Dharma which is “the law of the being” and the “principal of man’s existence” has to be protected to protect the individual and the universe. The Vedas boldly declare “Dharmo rakshati rakhsitaha.” (Dharma protects him who protects dharma.)

As dharma is karma conducive to man’s progress, all our actions as individuals and as corporate bodies have to follow the law of dharma.

When this karma becomes “adharma”, it impedes the progress of man and the community. Chapter 3, Karma yoga when followed with the help of Jnana yoga, the present chapter gives the basic rules for conducive duties. This is the command of the scriptures.

Hence, higher than all the laws is the Law of the Divine. This is for universal existence, peace and prosperity. While continuing to uphold the law of the land by the citizens of any country, the universal citizens have to follow the law of the Divine.

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