Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 4, sloka 39, part 1

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Sloka 39


The man of faith having knowledge as his supreme goal, the devoted, having controlled the senses, obtains knowledge of Atma, and having obtained that, enjoys peace for ever.


Sraddhaavaan: the man of faith.
Tatparaha: devoted; having the knowledge as the supreme goal.
Samyatendriyaha: subdued the senses.

The above three are the conditions to be met to get the knowledge in any field of activity, either spiritual or worldly. Stronger the determination to acquire the knowledge, greater is the need to fulfil the above three conditions.

The student who has reached the stage of secondary education and who would like to make substantial progress in the studies has to develop devotion to the subject of his choice and not let the wandering mind get distracted. As he receives the dividends for his efforts, he develops more faith in continuing his plan of action for making further progress in the studies. With total devotion, faith and self-control, he will achieve the knowledge he strived for and come out with distinction. With this success, he can enjoy the next stage of life because he would be competent and eligible to take the professional duties of his choice and get financial reward for the work conducted. The security of the wealth obtained from the knowledge acquired should give immense joy in becoming a professional.

We can take the same principle in the study of the spiritual science.
Why do we have to undertake such study and austerities?
We should do so to get the knowledge of the Atman that gives the “Bliss”.
Spiritual studies and spiritual practice are the means to get “The Bliss.” The spiritual seeker is he who is after the knowledge that gives him the eternal peace. He has realised that every action has a result and that result is either happiness or sorrow. The life has taught him the lesson that both the states of happiness and sorrow are temporary and one experience eventually merges into the other. He is on the lookout for that experience which is beyond both sorrow and happiness. The sastras designate this state as “Moksha” which is nothing but “Eternal Peace” (param shantim). It is a process of climbing up the spiritual ladder, the steps of the ladder being the results of life’s experiences.
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