Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 4, Sloka 3

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Sloka 3


This same ancient yoga has now been taught by me to you. For you are my devotee and friend. It is indeed a Supreme secret.


Sri Krishna is indirectly stating that the yoga taught by Him to Arjuna is nothing new and that He, Krishna, is not just Krishna, cow-herd son of Vasudeva and Devaki, but, the Supreme Parabrahman. He is going to assert this fact in the next Sloka to follow.

Arjuna, as we know, had suddenly lost his nerve to fight and asked Krishna’s help and guidance. Both of them have been friends for few years. He also had a great respect for Krishna. Just before the beginning of the Great War, both Duryodhana and Arjuna went to Krishna to ask for his assistance. Krishna had the entire Yadava army behind him. Krishna gave them the choice of either having the Yadava army or Krishna in person. At the same time He said that on His part, He would not take any weapon to fight and will only be the guide. Despite this stipulation, Arjuna opted to have Krishna on his side. He believed Krishna to be an embodiment of dharma.

When he lost the nerve to fight, Arjuna decided to surrender to Krishna. He accepted Krishna as guru and a guide. Krishna therefore is saying that Arjuna is both a friend and devotee. Later on in the subsequent chapters we find Krishna saying that a true devotee is the best friend of the Lord.

It is surprising to note the point that His advice is said to be a supreme secret. Why?

Popularly, a thing can be said to be a secret for one of the following reasons.
a)  Because one does not want others to know about the same and would like the same to be revealed at a later date. It is like the surprise gifts for special occasions like birth-days, Christmas etc.
b)  One might come across some hidden treasure/wealth and would not like others to get it.
c)  In certain situations, it is imperative for safety reasons to keep some information secret. Nuclear installations, details of war reports are kept secret by the Governments.

These are definitely not the reasons for using the word “Supreme secret “in this context. What the Lord means is that the knowledge has to be imparted to those at the right time and right place who can understand the same and do not use it for personal material gains in life. This way the knowledge is sure to be passed on safely to the subsequent generations and benefits the mankind, universe and nature. Those who are not mature to understand the hidden meaning in the slokas, (guhya bhasha), who understand in a wrong sense or who misrepresent the facts would cause profound confusion in the minds of not so clever people. Dharma and Truth, that are the cornerstones of the philosophy, will get misrepresented and lose their true meaning. It is like a diamond that falls into the hands of a monkey. It has no idea of the value of diamond and simply throws it away into a ditch.

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