Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 4, sloka 20 – part 2

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Sloka 20


He who has given up attachment to the fruits of work, who is ever content, who does not depend upon anything, though engaged in actions, does not verily do anything.


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The next characteristic is “Nitya Trupta.”
“Trupti” is “contentment.”
“Trupta” is he who is content.
“Nitya trupta” is he who is content at all times.

Contentment applies both during the conduct of actions and also on receiving the results of actions either good or bad. It is important to have aspirations in life but at the same time gracefully accept the end result of actions. One should work for fulfilling the aspirations but be content with the results of such actions. As we discussed before the results depend upon so many factors.

Depend upon our past karmas. Every karma/action has a result but the time one gets the results varies. This depends totally on the grace of the Lord. The word used in the sastras is “Sanchita Karma”. It means accumulated karmas from the past (the results of which have not materialised. This includes the results of both good and bad actions).

Even though the present may have been done with 100% efficiency, because of some of the wrong/bad actions of the past, (the results of which that have been decreed by the Lord,) one may not get the 100% results. We have to accept that knowingly or unknowingly each one of us have done both good and bad actions in the past and have to be prepared to receive the results at any time in our life, either present or in the future.

Similarly, even if the present effort is not total 100% efficient, one may get surprisingly good results, again because of the good/correct actions in the past. (the results of which have been bestowed now on us by His grace.)

The one who understands this principle of “Sanchita karma” will learn the art of being content at all times. Their contentment is not conditioned by “time, place or circumstances.”

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