Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 4, Sloka 12, part 1

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Sloka 12


They, who long for satisfaction from actions in this world, make sacrifices to the Gods, because satisfaction is quickly obtained from actions in this world of men.


The experts in spiritual science designate the earth as “Karma Bhoomi.” (land of action) In this world whatever action performed has a result, albeit good or bad depending upon the type of action.

What are the results of actions?

The Puranas talk about higher abodes like Gandharva Loka, Yaksha Loka, Indra Loka etc wherein live the celestial beings. “Gandharvas” are celestial musicians, a class of demi-gods regarded as musicians for gods. “Yakshas” are another class of demi-gods who are assistants to Kubera, the god of riches. Indra is the lord of heaven.

There are prescribed rituals to please these demi-gods in the higher worlds. By conducting yajnas to please these gods, the specific god to whom the yajnas are directed will get pleased and bestow benefits. By praying to “Varuna” the Lord of waters, rains are the result.

The fruits of such actions are quickly attained and enjoyed.

There are according to the Puranas, 6 worlds above the earth and they are:
Bhuvaha, Suvaha, Mahaha, Janaha, Tapaha and Satyaha. (more on those in the next newsletter)

Depending on the type of work and sacrifices conducted men attain to any of these six worlds.

The main point to remember is that these are like the holiday resorts we are used to in the world of ours. Depending upon how much we have earned, saved and depending on where we want to go, we spend the saved money and go to those resorts. After using up the money we paid for those holidays, we have to come back to our native palace again.

Similarly, those who want to enjoy these higher worlds use up the points of merit they would have accumulated by their dedicated works. After death, they are said to enter one of these worlds, reside there for a prescribed period of time. When that period is completed, they would have to come back to earth.

Those who want to enjoy life of luxury in any one of the higher worlds would have to work to please the demi-gods of that region and enter that sphere on death. But, they will have to return to earth after exhausting the points of merit accumulated.

Similarly, there are 7 worlds below the sphere of earth and these are the regions people fall down to as a result of bad/wrong actions conducted on earth. There are said to be the 7 hells below the earth.

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