Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 4, Sloka 11, part 2

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Sloka 11


O Partha, in whatever way men approach Me, even so do I reward them, for the path that men take from every side is Mine.


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Every wish we entertain will remain as a vasana imprint till it is fulfilled or totally wiped off from our mind. The Lord, who stays as the Soul/Atman within does not desert us any time. From birth to death, the Soul will give us the energy to live. At death, it is only the gross physical body that perishes. The subtle body with the mind and intellect moves to the nether worlds entrapping the Soul within. The Soul never departs. It wears a new suit in the form of a new birth and the same mind and intellect will then have a new body. This is to fulfil the un-manifested vasanas from past birth/births. Depending upon the desires entertained, according to the three basic gunas we either move upward in spiritual path or fall down from the path.

Every one, at the end, will realise the folly of attachment to worldly pleasures and finally will clear the mind of all vasanas. The mind gets annihilated totally. That state, we have learnt, is “Moksha” or Liberation.

This is the message from the Lord through this Sloka to the mankind in general and to every individual being irrespective of his/her religion, caste, creed, sex, social status etc.


All the branches from a tree belong to the same tree. Subsequent branches from the main branch also belong to the same tree. All the flowers and leaves from individual branches belong to the same tree. Finally every fruit belongs to the same tree. Similarly, all religions, creeds, sects etc belong to the same tree of samsara of the Lord. We are all His children. We receive the same love from the Lord. How we reciprocate the love results in the reward we get.

The petrol in cars is same. The same petrol is needed for all types of cars ranging from simple basic cars to most luxurious modern cars. The petrol is needed to take the car to the destination. The way the car holds on the road depends upon the sophisticated parts in it, the driver who has control over the car, the condition of the road and the weather.

All it means is that different types of persons receive the grace of the Lord in different ways according to their own samskaras. (actions due to the inherent thought imprints.) Those who approach (Prapadyante) Him for wealth will get the wealth, those who approach for knowledge will get the knowledge and those who yearn for Liberation will get liberation. Eventually, as we have discussed, each one of us, will attain Liberation. If so, can we not see the folly in approaching Him for partly worldly pleasures? Why should one approach a king for getting few pennies? Let us learn to approach Him with a desire for Universal welfare and salvation.

Quote from Shirdi Sai Baba:
“I give people what they want in the hope that they will begin to want what I want to give them.”

Some approach Him for secular prosperity. Even this wish is granted. But the time it takes to mature and get fulfilled depends on various factors. Like past samskaras, way of approach, type of guna that is involved in the approach etc. It might even be the future births that one gets the reward. Nature being what it is, we do not remember what we wished for in the past births.

Another point to note is that even Nature in its various manifestations is also the Lord manifest in a form different to what we have the vision of Supreme. The approach by the sense organs is towards the Nature and through the mind/intellect equipment could be for both the secular or the spiritual.

The ancient sanatana dharma of the Hindus advocates four basic paths of humans depending upon their temperament. These are:

Whatever may be the path the seeker follows, the end result is “Moksha.”

Let us recollect a hymn the Hindus recite during the “Sandhya Vandana” prayers.

Akashat Patitam Toyam Yatha Gacchanti sagaram
Sarva-Deva-Namaskaraha  Kesavam Prati Gachati.

It means:
Just as the drops of water from the sky do end in the ocean, the salutations to various Gods reach Me.

This Sloka therefore re-iterates the fact that the sacred text is universal with a universal message to all the mankind.

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