Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 4, Sloka 10, part 1

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Sloka 10


Free from attachment, fear and anger, absorbed in Me, taking refuge in Me, purified by the penance in the fire of knowledge, many have attained Me.


This chapter is Jnana Yoga and the Lord is giving the path of Jnana to attain His being which is nothing other than Moksha. He says, “Madbhavam Agataha.” It means “attain My being”.

Having given the advice, He has also given the means to achieve the same.

He says, “Free from attachment, fear and anger.” Conducting karma in the ordinary worldly sense brings in these three consequences. These lead us away from the spiritual path and make us bound to the world of samsara. We have already learnt from the previous chapter that the only way to be free from these three is by “Nishkama karma.” We have to carry on conducting all ordained actions to burn our existing vasanas and not accumulate new vasanas in the process.

We are the Atman within and the physical body is covering the same. The real me is the Atman. The physical body and the objective world around is not real Me. Attachment which arises out of desires could be either to the body or to the world of objects. Attachment to our desires and attachment to what we want to get from the desires is “Raga.”

The fear of not getting the object of desire is “Bhaya.” We see this all the time in our life. Many a times the students get frightened of not passing the exams. This reduces their efficiency while undertaking the exams. Fear of losing what we get is also Bhaya.

This in turn makes us get angry and this is “Krodha.” We have read in the second chapter the consequences of anger. (Slokas 63, 64). We fall down from the path of spirituality and become either animal men or stone men. This is because the senses and the mind drag us down and move us away from our sadhana. The sadhana is to achieve Moksha.

What should we do?

Our senses including the mind should be directed towards the Divinity within and Divinity all round. This is what we should understand from the statement “Manmaya Mam upashritaha.” The senses should be absorbed in the Atman (Manmaya). Taking shelter in Him by selfless devotion is “Mam upashritaha”.

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