Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 3, Sloka 6, part 1

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Sloka 6:


He who, restraining the organs of action, sits contemplating on the sense objects with mind is called a hypocrite.


The Lord is referring to two instruments of knowledge: the sense organs and the mind. Eyes, ears, nose, tongue and the skin are the five sense organs. Their duty is to provide the mind with the details of the objects around.

The mind is to be looked upon as the superior officer to the sense organs. Its role is to analyse the impulses received from the sense organs and act accordingly. It acts also as the storehouse of the feelings experienced from the impulses received. In other words, it is also a memory bank that keeps a database of all past experiences. It is the most powerful computer and can carry out a number of skilful tasks.

We can broadly classify the experiences as those that are pleasurable and that are painful and filled with sorrow. The life is a mixture of experiences of both the types. Really speaking our life is a journey towards the abode of the “Supreme” and we say it is the “Spiritual Journey.”

The society in general is an admixture of different groups of people. Some are sincere seekers, some indifferent and some who are antisocial.

There is still another class of people who pretend to be the seekers of Truth. They make a pretence of sitting in a posture of meditation to draw the public attention. They follow the external rituals of meditation keeping their eyes shut and pretend to be contemplating on the Supreme. But their minds are filled with recollecting the happy experiences of past or contemplating on the future happy experiences they would like to go through.

This is only a pretence and the Lord uses the word “Hypocrites” to describe them.

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