Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 3, Sloka 5, part 2

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Sloka 5:


No one can ever remain, even for a moment, without performing work. Everyone, without his will, is made to do work by the qualities born of prakriti.


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Based on this theory of rebirth after the physical death, is the aspect of “Gunas.” The gunas are the thought imprints from the previous births stored in the mind at the time of the new birth into this world. The birth as human is to exhaust the stored vasana imprints and not to instil any new vasanas. This is a rarity and only rare souls manage to achieve this state of “no stored vasanas in the mind” and attain the final liberation.

“Prakriti” is nature. The word “nature” refers to one’s own nature and also refers to the five gross elements: “earth, water, fire, air and space.” Here, the word refers to our own nature.

The gunas are classified broadly into “Pure, Passionate and Indolent.” (Satvas, Rajas and Tamas.)

The Hindu philosophy classifies the entire population on the basis of these three qualities into the four following categories:

Brahmana shows predominance of pure thoughts and is recognised by his knowledge of the Self, the scriptures and the like. He is considered to be an evolved soul.

Kshatriya with combination of Pure and Passionate qualities, the pure predominating, is physically strong and conducts duties to protect the innocent and those under his shelter. The warrior class of people of the old ages belonged to this class. Arjuna belonged to this group.

Vaishya also with predominance of pure and passionate qualities, a touch of tamasic quality, but with passionate predominating. They conduct actions for personal gains. Business class of people belong to this group.

Shoodra, with a mixture of rajasic and tamasic qualities, tamas predominating. They are not as clever as the other three class of people as such but physically strong and conduct duties pertaining to the menial tasks and work needing predominantly physical strength.

Each one of us is born into this world with a bundle of thought imprints that dictate the type of actions we conduct later on in our lives.

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