Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 3, Sloka 3, part 3

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Sloka 3

Sri Bhagawan uvacha:
Sri Bhagawan spoke thus:


In this world there is a two-fold path, O sinless Arjuna, the path of knowledge of the Sankhyans and the path of action of the Yogins.


***   continuation from last week   ***

The Vedas are classified into three sections:
Karma kanda
Jnana kanda
Upasana kanda.

The three are the steps that lead to the final act of “Realisation of Parabrahman.”

The Brahmin and Kshatriya children went to the guru kula ashrama to study the Vedas.

One group left after studying the first section and returned to take up their duties in the society. These are “Kshatriyas.”

Second group stayed a bit longer, received the knowledge of the Atman and returned to the society to take up the role of promoting the religious preaching. These are the “Brahmanas”.

The last group did not return to the society but got totally immersed in the task of experiencing the “Eternal Peace.”

Somewhere in the middle of evolution, the division between the path of action and the path of knowledge got separated and remained in the minds of many as separate entities.

Sri Krishna is re-iterating the fact that the division is not correct and both are the sadhana paths for spiritual seekers. He has blessed us with the present of the sacred text, “Srimad Bhagavad-Gita.”

Renunciation is not the path for majority. Karma yogis are grihastas (Householders) and follow the “Grihasta ashrama dharma” (household duties).

Let us understand the Gita in this sense. We have a choice to follow the path that suits our temperament and not bicker about which path is best. Try to become sadhakas, work for spiritual wealth, (sadhana) and attain Moksha.

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