Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 3, Introduction, part 7

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The Lord brings in a new word “Yajna” in this chapter. Yajna is offering to the Lord the results of all actions conducted according to the scriptures.

This attitude to work and the result of actions is “Karma Yoga.” Kindness opens up in all the thoughts and actions of such a seeker. This frees the individual of bondage even in this life.


We, the humans have been given adhikara to work in this world. Escaping from the God given duty and fulfil the purpose of human birth is contrary to the scriptures. Our duties are simple: They are “Loka Sangraha,” welfare of life on the earth and “respecting the nature.”

Karma yoga is therefore a very important chapter. We must understand this chapter and learn the art of living and working within the space allotted.


According to Sri Ramana maharshi, karma yoga is “purification of the mind.” Purification of the mind is avoidance of all thoughts that are egoistic and filling the mind with thoughts on the divine and the divine duties.

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