Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Sloka 68

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Sloka 68


Therefore, O Arjuna, his knowledge is steady whose senses are completely restrained from the sense-objects.


Let us note clearly that when the Lord says “restrain the senses”, we must know that the senses include both the five sense organs and the mind.

We are asked clearly “to restrain” the senses and not asked to close the senses and direct the thought towards the Atman within. The Lord has sent us into this world blessed with five working sense organs and the working mind. He is advising us to learn the art to control them, not partial control, but total control. The senses should not be made defunct. They should be in perfect working order constantly.

We have the “Antararjyothi”, the “Inner Light of Wisdom.” It is our duty to keep it constantly lit and at the same time steady. It should neither be switched off not its light be blocked. This is essential to be on the pathway to Liberation and to reach the destination safe and sound.

What is good to reach the destination is the lesson to learn for all. At the same time, what is evil and which prevents us from reaching the destination is also the lesson to learn. The attitude with which the senses are directed towards the sense objects is the deciding factor in achieving success or failure in our mission of life. To perceive an object with lust and covetousness is sin. To perceive the same object with adoration and beauty created by the Lord is virtue. To see the body of a person as an object for fulfilling the lustful desires is a sin and to see the same body as a temple of God is the virtue.

The success in our mission of life is achieved when we learn the art of sanctifying the five sense organs and the mind. Thus we can contact only divinity in the world around with our senses.

The Lord is reminding us repeatedly to be vigilant. Control the sense organs and the mind is His constant reminder to the spiritual seeker. These organs take us from preyas to sreyas. By directing towards the world of objects, we travel in the path to preyas. By directing to the world of divinity, we can travel in the path to sreyas.

Please learn the art of: What to see, how to see, why to see, is the instruction by the master. The word “Seeing” does not just mean “eyes” only but all the sense organs and the mind.

Going back to the scene of Gitopadesham, let the reins on the horses be in the hand of the charioteer, let the charioteer be the Lord and let Arjuna, the mind stand up and fight the evil and uphold the dharma.

Step one in the study by the student is to have the candle light lit within the room, see that the windows are open to let the air in, close the curtains to stop from getting distracted with the scenes outside and also not to let the air blow out the candle light within the room.

Step two is to see that all his books are at hand and to concentrate on the study.

By following this principle, he is in the right path of understanding the subject under study and mastering the same.

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