Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Sloka 67

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Sloka 67


For, the mind that follows the wandering senses, carries away the discrimination, just as the wind carries away a boat on the waters.


The boat: Life that carries us to the destination of our choice is compared to the boat. The destination referred to in the sloka is “Salvation.”

The wind: This refers to the gale force/turbulent impulses from the world around sometime or other in the passage of life.

A spiritual aspirant with a good control over the mind will be sailing along the seas smoothly.

When the senses send in impulses of choice or when the mind suddenly starts dwelling on the stored memories of the past, the calmness is disturbed. The influence of the results of past actions is responsible for the gale force that sets in. The control over the boat is proportionately reduced. The aspirant will continue to use the oar to navigate in the stormy weathers but the distraction will direct the boat in another direction.

The tug of war between the impulses and control of the mind can lead the aspirant away from the destination or the boat itself might sink. When it sinks the aspirant and anybody who is also carried on the boat will have to swim to the shore. Many a times death or serious injury befalls on such victim/victims.

The mind on one side is exposed to the outer world via the senses.
On the opposite side it has the intellect with the Soul within.

Directing constantly to within using the power of intellectual’s discrimination and controlling the senses firmly and steadily is the secret to success.

The periods of turbulence has to be looked upon as the “test” by the Lord. The master has to test his student not only during the final exams but like the present day education, test is on a “continuous assessment” basis and sudden on the spot tests without giving any notice.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, the aspirant has to feel happy during periods of turbulence in his life. The fact that the Lord has not forgotten His devotee, the aspirant should be prepared to face the test and pass the test with merit. With total control over the mind during periods of struggle the sthitaprajna achieves success.

Govern your mind is the message from the Lord through this sloka.

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