Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Sloka 65, part 2

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Sloka 65


In tranquillity, all the sorrow is destroyed. For, the intellect of the tranquil minded is soon anchored in equilibrium.


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By directing the mind to the intellect, by letting the mind be subservient to the intellect, by the intellect keeping in constant contact with the “Light within of the Atman”, no sorrows will hinder the spiritual progress of the aspirant.

The aspirant will have an easy ride on his boat that carries him on the ocean of samsara and reach the shore at the other end. No wave is strong enough to disrupt the passage of the boat. The seeker will be calm and collected in all sorts of adverse weathers that affect his life as he is sure that his Lord will make him reach the destination. It is the “Prasada” by the Lord for the tranquil state of the seeker.

Such an aspirant is “Sthitaprajna.”

Let us ponder into the various types of sorrows that we experience in our lives and see what the sastras have to say about the same.

The sastras declare that all sorrows and sufferings could be traced to one of the following three sources. All the upanisads teach us to utter the mantra “Shanti” three times at the end of every prayer. They are the blessings we request the Lord to help us to overcome the problems that hinder us in our path to attain “Salvation.” They are:

a)      Adhyatmika
b)      Adhibhoutika
c)      Adhidaivika.

Adhyatmika: these are the problems arising subjectively in the sense like laziness, lack of faith, insincerity and other negative thoughts/actions.

Adhibhoutika: these are the problems arising from the phenomenal world. By this I mean, fires, floods, landslides etc. It is no exaggeration to say that these are man made. Some of them made over the centuries with utter disrespect to the nature.

Adhidaivika: these are problems we face by the wrath of the supreme power above about which we either are ignorant or do not care to know of. “Panchamaha bhootas” in their interaction can bring about problems like lightning and thunder that bring us sorrow.

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