Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Sloka 65, part 1

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Sloka 65


In tranquillity, all the sorrow is destroyed. For, the intellect of the tranquil minded is soon anchored in equilibrium.


Prasada in this context is to be understood as the tranquil state of the mind.

After all, as we know by now that the mind due to its association with the material world around comes to experience happiness and sorrow in various proportions depending upon the karmas of the past.

It is also true that in states of happiness we do not ponder on anything other than the happiness experienced. We are not worried. On the other hand we would like the experience to be ever lasting. But, alas, the experience of happiness from the material world can never be eternal. In course of time the happiness is followed by sorrow, it has “a birth, growth, decay and death.”

The sloka therefore takes us only to “Sarva dukhanaam”. (it does not say “sarva sukhanaam.”) It means “during all the sorrows.” It is only during times of sorrow that we ponder about why, what, why only me etc. Many a times we do not have an answer for the same. We might go to all available sources to get answers to our question and still we will not get any satisfaction.

Only in tranquillity all the sorrow is destroyed, the Lord says.

“The intellect of the tranquil mind is soon anchored in equilibrium” is the Lord’s explanation.

The answer to the question “why” will be found by the reasoning capacity, the intellect. The intellect that is pure and in contact with the “antaratman” is able to have a firm control over the mind. The mind that works as subordinate to the intellect is content to be subservient to its immediate boss. It is happy to accept the sloka 38 in this chapter, “Sukha dukhe same’ kritva” (see week 40 in 2006). It is the meaning of the word “tranquil minded is soon anchored in equilibrium.”

Keeping the mind even under all circumstances is the only means to gain purity. The pure mind does not get troubled by the sorrows in life.

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