Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Sloka 60

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Sloka 60


O Arjuna, the turbulent senses do violently carry away the mind of an intelligent man, though he is striving to control them.


Vipaschitaha: intelligent.

The spiritual seeker, an intelligent person, in quest of “Moksha” does try his best to keep on the spiritual path. He knows what he is looking for and works hard at it. He does succeed in making progress because of his determination to achieve the goal. But, the force of habit before taking up the spiritual journey does topple him now and then.

This is because his mind has experienced the pleasures from the material world around him. The sense organs as we know do bring in a barrage of impulses about the objects around. The mind which has experienced the pleasures from some objects is keen to go and get more of those objects that bring in the sensation of happiness. There is a constant battle in the mind of the seeker between the impulse to go after the objects of pleasure and the intellect that warns against such a move.

The initial success in controlling the mind does bring in a sense of pride to the seeker. This pride (ego) becomes his weakness and he falls down from the heights achieved by his efforts. His mind gets carried away from being subordinate to the intellect to becoming slave to the desires.

The Lord is warning that the senses are very strong and they do not stop easily. They have such a great influence on the mind that the intellect becomes a weak force and the mind surrenders to the enemy. The enemy in this case is “Kama and krodha”.

Sthitaprajna is he who does not fall prey to the enemy (senses). He remembers the strength of the senses and is constantly on vigil.

During turbulence, the wind is so strong that it violently sweeps away many objects. The impulses received from the sense organs is compared to the wind and sometimes the impulses from one or many of the five sense organs gathers great force and become turbulent. The mind in such situations surrenders to this turbulence and does not listen any more to the voice of the intellect.

The seeker therefore has to remember that the first enemy in his path is his own sense organs. The master is he who prepares the proper battle plan and is ready to attack the enemy before the enemy attacks him.

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