Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Sloka 50

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Sloka 50


Endowed with the wisdom of evenness of mind, one releases himself from good and bad even in this life. Therefore strive for nishkama karma with an equal mind. Skill in action is yoga.


The important word in this sloka is “releases himself.”
We can lift ourselves or ruin ourselves from our actions.

“The evenness of mind born of wisdom”: the results of actions, both good and bad, come because of our actions. If we use our wisdom, bring in the reasoning capacity prior to any actions, control the senses and the wandering mind, we will prevent any adverse reactions. There is no need to go for help from external sources.

To achieve such state of mind, we should not conduct desire prompted actions.
This is the skill in yoga the Lord is referring to.

The intellect must guide us from discrimination of good from bad and also give us the determination to carry out the task properly.

Great souls have conducted acts of welfare to the society on this principle. They had no personal benefit motive from their actions. We see such men/women probably once in a century or so.

Skill in action is yoga: the capacity to remain detached and equal minded while engaged in any action in the world is the skill Lord is referring to.

We are responsible for our actions.
Our actions bring in results, both good and bad.
The Lord is actually giving us advice on “Preventive medicine.”

Pains and pleasures we experience in our life are because of “desires.” When the work is conducted with some desire or other in the mind, the mental balance at the time of work is disturbed. This we have discussed in detail in the preceding slokas.

Lack of concentration on the work ahead is another reason for experiencing painful end results.

The Lord is applying the same rule for “good” also. He says “release from good and bad.” As we have studied before, the good brings in a sense of elation and makes us feel proud of ourselves. This is probably the more dangerous enemy in our spiritual path.

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