Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Sloka 41

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Sloka 41

Vyavasayatmika buddhir ekeha kurunandana
Bahu shaka hy anantasca buddhaya vyavasayinam.

O Arjuna, there is only one faith and thought for those who practice this Karma yoga. The minds of others are divided into various branches and their thoughts are endless.


The important word to understand in this sloka is:

One of the meanings for this word is “Agriculture.”
The farmer is an agriculturist and he works with single pointed concentration to get the maximum yield for his effort. Let us analyse his work briefly.

Farmer deals with seeds, the seeds for good crops. To get the best results he conducts the following tasks:
Selects the seed that is suitable to sow in the land.
Tills the land and makes it ready to sow the seeds.
Learns about the time to sow the seeds and the preparation of the land for the same.
Knows about the average weather pattern for different seasons.
Takes steps to protect the tender shoots in the earlier days from adverse weather conditions.
Clears all the weeds that grow and also takes precautions from other animals that might ruin the crop at any stage of the development.

With all these efforts and with God’s grace he gets the yield which feeds him and becomes a source of his income.

To get the final result of getting a good income, he has to wait a long time from the time he sows the seeds.
At any one time his thoughts will be on to do during that period and not live day dreaming for the final results.

The knowledge of what to do at each period of the growth, conducting such acts that are needed at that time, hard dedicated work from morning till evening each day of the week will contribute to the final successful yield of the crops. Of course, he is aware of the adverse weather condition he might have to face and prays the Lord to prevent such calamities.

This is true “Karma yoga” put into practice.

This is the faith and thoughts for those who practice karma yoga as enumerated in this sloka.

The sacred text is all about the sowing of the good seeds of thoughts in the human mind. The human mind is to be compared to the land into which the seeds of thoughts are to be sown.

The parents have a duty to get the minds of their children ready (“till” the land) for sowing the seeds of thoughts.

Early education into good conduct with examples from ancient mythological stories should give children the knowledge of sowing the seeds of good thoughts. Carefully guarding the land (mind), the seeds (thoughts maturing to become actions), removal of weeds (impure thoughts) with faith and dedication will guarantee the yield of good citizens of the land that herald peace and prosperity for the region.

This is the “Karma Yoga” or yoga of action which the Lord is referring to. Majority of us unfortunately do not fit into this category as our minds are filled with endless thoughts of desires and hatreds.

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