Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Sloka 32

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Sloka 32:

yadruchaya chopapannam svarga dwaram apavritam
sukhinaha kshatriyaha partha labhante yuddham idrisham.

For a kshatriya, O Partha, a righteous war of this type which has come of itself, is the open gateway to heaven.


Sri Krishna in trying to explain to his disciple Arjuna, has now come down from the atmic plane to the physical plane. The conclusion is the same. He is reminding Arjuna of the duties of a kshatriya.

It is interesting to note the words of wisdom from Kunti devi, the mother of the pandavas concerning the duties of a kshtriya. Just before the war she sends a message to her children. In it she says: “Tell Arjuna and Bhima that the time has come to justify why any kshatriya mother desires to have sons.”

Through these words she is reminding her sons that the duty of a kshtriya is to defend his land and protect the subjects. The death which is also a possibility in the war should not be the reason not to fight. The women of the household of a kshatriya, be a mother, wife or sister, has to let the man of the house go to the war zone and fight.

In these days it was an accepted fact that the one who fought in the war and died would go to heaven. Heaven is a place of happiness and comforts. The kshatriya by winning could enjoy the luxuries on earth or the pleasures in heaven. either way, the pleasure was guaranteed.

In our day to day battle of life, we should fight kama, krodha, the enemies within, be prepared to kill our ego and enjoy the peace emanating from within. This is the duty we owe to our lord who created us and who is protecting us.

In every walk of life, we come across moments when we have to prove ourselves. We should not shred that responsibility. What we do at the opportune moment will shape our future. We should do the best to our ability and achieve sreyas.

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