Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Sloka 26

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Sloka 26


O mighty armed, even if you think of Him as being constantly born, constantly dying, even then you should not grieve.
(Annotation from the organizer with consent by Dr. Nath: Sri Swamiji translates “the Self” instead of “Him”)


Arjuna is referred to as “mighty armed.” This could be to encourage or ridicule Arjuna.

Encourage Arjuna by reminding of his physical strength especially in archery.


Ridicule Arjuna by saying, “what is the use of all your power if you cannot act like a Kshatriya warrior?

Krishna is also reminding Arjuna the truth about the Atman.

Because of its attachment to the mind/intellect/physical body, (can be referred to as the suit), the atman appears to die one day and be born (with a different body) again another day. It is only the physical body that undergoes the changes.

Wise person, like Arjuna, who had the fortune of spiritual education early in childhood should have understood the meaning of the immortality of the Atman and mortality of the body. It is the only way not to succumb to grief on parting with the physical body/family and friends.

Grief unfortunately drags one down in the spiritual plane.

Let us look at the last word in the sloka – “Arhata.”

Arhata means “worthiness”, “worthy”.

The worthiness of being born as a human is in making proper use of the “intellectual capacity of reasoning.” Without the intellect, we are no different to animals. Arjuna was expected to have made use of his intellectual capacity of reasoning but did not do so.

Sri Krishna is advising Arjuna to work according to the job description of a well respected kshatriya warrior of repute. He is reminding Arjuna of his duty by saying “you have no right to be in grief” says the Lord.

We must all learn the art of fulfilling the job description pertaining to our profession.

We have been blessed with birth as humans and the job description according to our sastras is:

“Conduct the work for the society. Do not work for personal gains.”

Gains: Moksha is automatically ours if we work diligently and follow the sastras.

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