Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Sloka 15

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Sloka 15


The firm man who is not affected by pain or pleasure, who remains equal minded, is fit for immortality. O Arjuna, chief of mortals.


Immortal: means “no death.”

Every one of us in this world are therefore “mortals.” After having been born, we have to die sometime or other.

Sri Krishna considers that his disciple Arjuna is “chief of mortals.” He is praising the individual who entered into a state of depression, who wanted to abandon the war and who decided to request for guidance for the “right action”. It is human reaction that words of praise have a wonderful effect on people. The teachers at schools, mums at home will be familiar with this. The students, children like to be praised that they are the best.

Krishna, like a good psycho analyst, uses the tactic of praise to lift Arjuna out of the state of depression.

Dheera “individual with the firm determination of mind.”

The determination is related towards the goal one is aiming for.

I will not let my mind relax till I complete this portion of revision is the determination that makes one a good student.

Our scriptures advice us all to aim for “Liberation”. If we have to achieve the goal, we must fulfil all the requirements for the same. The main requirement is “equanimity of mind” at all times and constancy in discharge of duties at all times. Dheera, in this context refers to he who withstands the pairs of opposite reactions to the impulses from the world around and conducts all his daily duties.

Let us briefly analyse the word, “immortality.”

It means “no death.”

Death of what?

The answer will be death of the physical body.

Are we really the physical body?

The scriptures tell us that we are really the “soul” within which keeps the physical body alive. Looking at it this way, the real us, the “soul” is always immortal. It has no death. By wrongly associating with the physical body, we experience the pains and pleasures.

By a firm control over the mind, with the guidance from the intellect assisted by the “inner voice of God,” we become immortals. We will not feel the birth or the death.

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