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Announcement of the 5th Global Gita Conference in Durham, Great Britain, August 2007
—   to be inaugurated and blessed by Sri Swamiji Himself in person  — 

Letter of Dr. Nath and Sri Hari Shukla 

Dear friend, 

On behalf of the International Gita Foundation Trust, I would like to keep you informed of the 5th Global Gita Conference to be held at the Gala theatre, Durham in August 2007. 

The trust was formed in 2003 to promote the message from the sacred text, The Srimad Bhagawadgita. One of its main objectives was to bring the message of Peace and Prosperity nearer to the present day youth and to let the general public get an opportunity to attend the annual conferences and listen to the discourse/commentary on the sacred text by the great saints of our land and scholars across the word. 

Activities of the Foundation so far: 

So far, with the blessings of the Lord and support by a number of devotees we have conducted conferences at Bangalore, Mysore and Hospet and Vijayawada. 

The Fifth Conference: 

The fifth conference is to be held at the Gala theatre, Durham, on 18 and 19th August 2007. 

The theatre is located within the vicinity of the famous Durham cathedral and has all the modern facilities to host an international conference. 

We have formed an interim committee of friends and well wishers to plan out the entire programme for 2007. It is a mammoth task and if you would like to be part of the planning committee please let us know. On the other hand if you have any useful suggestions to make the conference a success, please drop a note. 

As the conference is outside India and taking into consideration that global conflict that is going on, we have decided to make it a platform to involve the youth of today and other religious faiths. 

The title for the conference will be 

“Faith and Global Peace.” 

Honoured guests and speakers: 

Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, Datta Peetham, Mysore has kindly agreed to inaugurate the function and bless the delegates.
H.E. Sri T.N.Chaturvedi, the Governor of Karnataka and Chief Patron, Global Gita Conference has agreed to attend the conference.
Sri Sukhabodhananda Swamiji, Nirguna dhama, Bangalore has agreed to give a discourse.
H. H. Sri Jagadguru Taralabalu Swamy, Sirigeri, India, recognised as “An Ambassador for Peace” will talk on “Global Peace.” 

Sri Mumtaz Ali, Satsang, Foundation and a scholar deeply immersed in the teachings of the Vedas and Upanisads has agreed to be one of the speakers and part of the inter faith forum session.
Sri Japananda Swamiji, Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Pavagada has agreed to be part of the youth forum and inter faith forum.
Mrs.Jaya Row, Vedanata Vision, Bombay has agreed to be one of the speakers. 

Sri.Subhanu Saxena, A Vedic scholar; CEO and country president, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Ltd., will look after the inter faith forum with Dr. Nanda Kumar of Bhavan Centre, London who is also a Sanskrit Scholar.
Sri Mathur Krishna Murhty, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore has agreed to be one of the speakers. 

We are hoping to invite few eminent scholars from Europe and America who would like to participate. 

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated: 

We would need funds to cover the various costs to be incurred. Your views on funding the project are most welcome. 

We need involvement of the youth: 

First of all we would like to see as many delegates and youth participating and would like you to make a note of the dates and join us to work in propagating the message of “Peace and Harmony.” 

Please do pass this information to your family and friends. 

Your personal contribution towards the cost of the conference would greatly be appreciated. May we suggest an amount of £25.00 or above as a donation towards the same?
Please make the cheque payable to: “The International Gita Foundation Support Network”. 

We have formed a sub committee to contact local businessmen towards sponsoring the conference and hope to get a good response. 

Looking forward to your support towards the worthwhile project. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Dr. P. V. Nath MBE  and  Sri Hari Shukla OBE, MBE 

For further information please contact Dr. Nath at: ““.
Mail: Dr. P.V. Nath MBE, Tapaswi, 21 Beamish View, Stanley, UK, DH9 OXB 

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